Food Faye Ate: Ep 2

??? (5/5)

I can't remember the name of this place! But the food here was delicious! I ordered the chicken and avocado risotto while my friend got a seafood pasta!

Wagamama (1/5)



I really wanted to try this place out because I always see one of my favourite Youtubers go here and plus I had a voucher so why not? Because it is so bad..... We waited FOREVER to be seated after the waiters said 'I'll be there a minute' but then they just continue to serve other people and the food is just gross =s. It's way overpriced and it's not very authentic... I ordered a Yakisoba which turned out to be just normal stir fried noodles. I've had authentic yakisoba in Japan and it definitely did NOT taste like this. And don't even get me started on the ramen. As a frequent ramen consumer (thanks to a ramen obsession a uni friend has) and having eaten authentic ramen this was just WAY OFF! I'm not expecting anything extravagant but it wasn't even ramen. It was like tom yum gong or something! No pork soup base taste and instead just a hot and sour sauce taste...

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Koko Black (5/5)

Ice Tea


This was absolutely amazing! I went with my mum for a 'high tea' because we had been shopping in Chadstone and both wanted a break. We got a degustation which consists of a series of down-sized desserts from their cakes menu. I also got an ice tea which went great with the degustation because it balanced out the sweetness. I am looking forward to coming back to try a chilli hot chocolate!!! 

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The Hardware société - lunch menu (2/5)


Chocolate at the bottom of my cup!

Hot chocolate

Special of the day

I was so disappointed...there is massive hype around this place and it was just not good! I specifically specified the 'lunch menu' because I still have some hope for their breakfast menu, which is what I wanted to try but we arrived late and they stop serving breakfast at 12, so we missed out =[ I still plan to return for breakfast though because I really want to try their baked eggs because I just want to like this place... (if that makes sense). But the lunch was horrible =[ Not to mention we waited for like 45 mins for our food.
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Dessert story - Box hill branch (1/5)

This was so gross. I absolutely love dessert story, don't get me wrong and I have had this in the past but this branch specifically was just bad! The pearls were bloated and so squishy they stuck to get like a CHUNK! I've worked in a bubble tea shop so I know what that means. Basically they've recooked the pearls that have not been able to be sold AT LEAST MORE THAN ONCE. Which made it taste disgusting because pearls/boboa are not supposed to be recooked more than once. 
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Flavour town Hot pot (4/5)

My absolute favourite thing to eat during winter...HOT POT! This was a buffet and the selling point of this restaurant is their pot. People call it 'pot inside a pot' because normally the soup bases are not separated like that. They are just side by side. Nothing to complain about here since it was just like normal hot pot restaurants. 
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Happy birthday DHSV!

We were celebrating the 10th birthday of something...I think it was DHSV because of the logo but someone made this awesome cupcake tower so I thought I would share. I didn't even have a cupcake though HAHA.

Chokolait (2/5)

White Hot chocolate
Ice cream heaven 

Compared to Koko Black, this was really bad. Excluding the dessert. Again, I ordered an ice tea, this time lemon, but it just tasted like lemon water and they also put some random milk froth on top so it tasted really weird. My friend got a white hot chocolate but it was WAY too sweet and just tasted like melted white chocolate. The drinks were really bad compared to Koko black or even Max brenner. The dessert on the other hand was delish! But hey, you can't go wrong with ice cream right?!!? I could actually make this at home and it would probably be half the price. I think I'll be sticking to Max brenner and Koko black instead =[. ALSO there's a Movenpick opening on the Max brenner level of QV! And I can't wait to try it hehe.
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Cafe Era (2/5)

Seafood risotto

Super disappointed in this place. We should have gone next door but ended up here because at the time there were more people. The seafood risotto was like a thai fried rice and it just tasted really bad. The pasta on the other hand was better tasting but super oily. Not to mention overpriced for the serving sizes. 

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Unfortunately it seems like my food adventure for this month was really quite bad....=[ I hope I get to eat some yummy food soon. All this blogging about food at night is make me hungry too! So here's a cool picture! Talk soon <3

Someone please make this for me!

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  1. I've been meaning to visit one of the Koko Black cafe's in the city for a while but I still haven't gone. Apparently it's really good- and it does look good from your photos!

    By the way, that giraffe swiss roll is so adorable!

    1. Hehe thank you! I plan to try and make it someday!! Yep you should definitely go there. It's a bit on the pricey side, but definitely worth it =]

  2. I shouldn't have stalked your blog before breakfast! Nooooooo!!

    I'll be in the city for dinner tonight and I'm excited! Wagamama looks yummy but you only gave them 1/5. Boo, I'm having second thoughts. Alright, maybe I'll have hot pot, or pop by Lygon street, or Dessert Story... Lol dilemma!!

    So hungry now!! XD


    1. Hehe sorry! As much as I would like to say 'it's not that bad, maybe it's just me' I really can't. I was also super surprised to see such a low Urbanspoon rating (it's like 32%..that's not even pass LOL) =[

  3. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  4. OMJ, everything looks so delicious <3
    Getting hungry right now hihi..