Food Faye Ate: Ep 1

Hello everyone! I have decided to make a new 'corner' if you will, about ...well food basically. It's basically a monthly 'what I ate' post since I love to eat so much........If you live where I do, then I hope you can try out some of these places too! =] Since this is the first one, I'm going to make this a MASSIVE post and put all the places I've been to since Uni started in. So this post is kinda like a 'catch up' post if you will. =]

Manhattan (4/5)

Eggs Benedict

Manhattan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Big mama (4.5/5)

Big Mama on Urbanspoon

Universal (3.5/5)
Chicken Schnitzel 

Hot Chocolate

Lemon Lime & Bitters

Universal on Urbanspoon

Giraffe Cafe (2/5)

Chicken Pie 

Greentea Milkshake & Chicken risotto

Creme Brulee

Giraffe Cafe on Urbanspoon

Guhng (5/5)
Abolone Entree

Pork Belly Entree


Beef Bulgogi 



Seafood pancake

Greentea ice cream

Panna Cotta 
Guhng on Urbanspoon

3 Bags full (4/5)

Big breakfast.. I think it was called?

Hot Chocolate
Three Bags Full on Urbanspoon

Quan Ju De (3.5/5)


Peking duck

Quanjude Peking Duck on Urbanspoon

Romeo's Bistro (4/5)

Romeo's Bistro on Urbanspoon

Max Brenner (4/5)

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon

Laurent (4/5)

Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Harajuku Crepes (3.5/5)

Greentea & red bean crepe
Harajuku Crepes on Urbanspoon

Luxbite (3.5/5)

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

Gold Leaf (4/5)

Gold Leaf on Urbanspoon

So that's it for the catch up post. Hope it made your mouth water x] Bye for now~


  1. Ahhh so much yummy food! I'm on a diet but I feel really hungry now XDDD

  2. good stuff. keep it up