Liar Liar

taste: ★★★☆
worth for price: ★★★☆
service: ★☆

I am finally back from my lengthy unactivness. Unfortunately school has started again but ANYWAY! look out for the food post spam.. there's a LOT coming!

So i visited Liar Liar for breakfast on the day of my chemistry exam. It was scheduled in the morning so I thought why not go get a nice breaky before I fail my exam? And I've always wanted to visit  LL for brunch/breakfast because I have heard that it's good, and there was a lot of hype about it around my friends. It's also near my school! so I headed there in the morning had a warm breakfast =D

We were seated quite quickly, but after we got our menus I think the staff forgot about us because it took a LONG time for us before anyone noticed that we wanted to order! So I can't say the service was the best....also since I ordered a hot chocolate which ended up coming literally after we finished eating...
 I was there with le mother as she kindly gave me a ride to my exam. She ordered a latte and I believe she said it was very nice and rich. Very hot also which she really liked. (Sorry i'm no expert on how coffee should taste. Personally I don't really like it)
Hot chocolate
 My hot chocolate! It was really nice. But nothing special I guess? It wasn't a 'wow this is really nice' it just tasted normal. I guess I was also put off by the lateness of this guy. I think they forgot to order the hot chocolate since drinks normally come out first...
Big Fat liar
 We both ordered the big fat liar which has received so much hype, especially on urbanspoon. THis was very enjoyable! Also, the whole meal was very filling. I do remember not feeling hungry until the afternoon around dinner i guess it's worthy of its price! Though i wasn't too keen on the sauce.. i have to say. it tasted a little funky =s

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  1. wow the place sounds like the service was HORRENDOUS! i would definitely not go there again..-..-

    the food looks great though i'd have to admit! those sausages look yummy! hope you did will on your exam :3

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    alex @

    1. Yeah pity that they don't serve their customers well, since the food is actually quite good! And thank you =D

  2. Hey ♥ I just found your Blog and I think it's really interesting. :>
    Btw. I love the food ♥ Looks very delicious !