Kokoro Ramen

Worth for price:★★★★
Service:  ★★★☆

DESSERT STORY  - popping pearls
Taste: ★★★☆
Worth for price:★★★☆
Service: ★★★

Kokoro Ramen was random restaurant I went to for dinner because I felt like Japanese and wanted to try a new place! So this is where it got me!

The menu for this place was simple. Ramen only. It's kind of like a 'build your own ramen' in the way that there are 4 different ramen choices (basically they have different types of meat, vegetables, etc. and each one is available with 4 different soup base. Then if you wanted extra things you just add whatever you like.

Pork belly Tonkotsu shio $13

Tonkotsu Shoyu $10.50

Overall the food came quickly, service was adequate. The taste however wasn't bad, nor was it good. I guess this was actually just sitting in the middle, but I did have one complaint. Ramen is supposed to be served steaming hot (at least that's what I learnt in Japan) but these were served to us whilst luke warm. To be honest, we all know they don't make the soup bases individually for each customer, but it just made me think how long they have kept the soup there for, for it to be at such a cold temperature..

I also dropped by dessert story on the way back.
                                   Top: Mango Pomelo sago with greentea ice cream                                                                           Bottom: Mango palmela sago with grass jelly and popping pearls

The highlight of this dessert were the popping pearls. They were really weird! I think they are similar to eating Toboki...but imagine a massive one in your mouth. When they popped some liquid came out and it was sweet. I guess this would be a big hit with the children?

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  1. i love pork belly tonkatsu!! so good. the dessert looks so good with the popping pearls :D

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  2. Looks yummy! :)
    Hmmm the pearls look interesting

    1. haha yeah! they were fun to chew on *3*

  3. deliciouso... :D hi! nice post

    i'm following you, hope you follow me back too


  4. Ooh, popping pearls sound kind of cool!

    I agree - food should be served steaming hot, especially noodles. I feel kind of hungry now ^_^

    1. they were fun to eat!.. but I have to admit they tasted a bit weird..=s

  5. I had popping pearls for the 1st time when I was in HK in May. Never came across it before...had it with yoghurt at HK Disneyland....thought it were those Omega Fish oil capsules....until the mango flavour came through LOLolol Yummehhh XD


    1. D; I've never had it there! I should go give it a try haha. These didn't really have a taste when they popped... o-o?

  6. I've been hunting for really good ramen around Melbourne for so long and have yet to find something mind-blowing! :( Any recommendations other than Kokoro?