Tutti Frutti!

Price:   ★
Service: N/A

Tutti Frutti is a frozen yoghurt shop which allows you to self serve and produce your own frozen yoghurt tub! They opened a new one in Melbourne Central next to lucky cup (lower ground floor) and I went to try it out yesterday...but I think it isn't worth the price! Also, the yoghurt is way too creamy to be yoghurt.. if that makes any sense? It just felt like I was eating ice cream. Although I do have to compliment the toppings, they had a range that you could choose from and the process of making your own tub is fun and enjoyable. Kids would love it! But as I said earlier, it is super expensive. I grabbed the smallest tub and this came to be around $10+
Not sure if I would try it again, perhaps in summer just for the toppings?!?!

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