Toodouri Korean BBQ

Taste: ★★★★★
Price:   ★★★☆
Service: ★★★★★
Toodouri is a Korean BBQ located near Vic market. I have to say, thoughout my whole korean bbq experiences, this place has the best service thus far. This was actually the second time I've been here and I obviously couldn't get enough of it!
I ordered a grape soda drink which had grape jelly at the bottom.

First we were presented with starter dishes: seasoned bean sprouts, kimchi and creamed macaroni (I don't know the exact name of these, you get them once you order)

Seasoned bulgogi - this was very delicious. The seasoning was just right, and not too sweet. Many kbbq's have their bulgogi seasoned way to sweet but this one was just right!

Seafood pancake - this thing is massive for the price (which I don't remember at the top of my head). But it tasted very good too! similar to the one in da chang guem in china town, except this one was not a potato pancake, it was flour based. I loved the crunchy sides with the soft areas in the middle!

Nengmian (cold buckwheat noodles) - this was my absolute love.  I have a weird obsession with nengmian and this place makes the best nengmian I have ever tasted in Melbourne so far.

Beef and Tofu soup - the soup was very nice, it was delivered nice and hot. The girls served it for us into our bowls and came regularly to ask if we wanted to refill our bowl!

Wagyu beef bbq & mushrooms - this was ordered later as we were still feeling hungry (although we had all that food already!) the wagyu was very tender and nicely cooked with the help of the girls serving us!

The overall service was great! The girls cooked the bbq meat from start to finish, making sure it wasn't going to burn, and constantly flipping it so it would cook faster. We hardly had to move a finger during this meal other then to feed ourselves!
I would definitely come back and recommend this place you all you korean bbq lovers. I would definitely place this restaurant in my top 3 korean bbq places. This place is a MUST GO!

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