Taste: ★★★☆
Price:   ★★☆

So recently I've been going on korean bbq crazes...So here's another one to add to the collection! ChangGo is located in a small alleyway close to Melbourne Central. I would have never found it if it wasn't for my mum parking here one night when we were going to MC.
 The restaurant is small but very crowded. After we were seated, we waited for about half an hour before anyone noticed that we wanted to order, despite the many times we tried to get their attention...

We were served with small starter dishes that come with every order. This consisted of kimchi, raddish and a vegetable mix. 
So we ordered the Palsaik set, which is basically pork made in 8 different ways. I found it pretty cool and I have to say the presentation of the 8 flavours seemed very traditional.

The Palsaik set also included bean sprouts, mushrooms and kimchi (which I preferred to eat un-bbqed).

We also ordered a seafood tofu soup which was surprisingly good. The crab clippers were huge (a delight for my mum who absolutely adores seafood), and it had a very fresh taste of seafood.

Overall, the food tasted nice but I wouldn't recommend it for a quick meal. If you don't mind the lack of service, then you should try it out!

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