Kitchen workshop

on good friday i went to kitchen workshop buffet for lunch with le mother~
i didn’t really get to take many pictures of the actual place so i found some on google images:
the food selection was alright, i think there should have been more food though? not as much as i expected for a buffet, but the food was still nice.
my half-eaten plate: steamed vegies, some fish thingy =s, and a piece of fried chicken

now for the best bit. DESSERT
i have to say, the best part of this place is the dessert. they have a whole corner full of different dessert, including pavlova, cakes, mousses and an ice cream machine!! we were really full when it came till dessert so we didn’t get to try as much as i would have liked =[
left: coffee mousse, right: pistachio mousse

my attempt of an artistic food shot

mum really liked the coffee one, because she’s a coffee freak haha. but also there was a really nice strong taste of coffee. i personally don’t really like the taste of coffee because i find it a tad bitter, but this one was sweet it didn’t taste bitter at all!
my real favourite: kit kat chocolate mousse. this one was not too sweet and i really liked the kit kat flavouring!
our next plate of dessert was rather…exotic? the big bamboo leaf thing… i still have no idea what it is. but something along the lines of sweet coconut rice? i’m not a really big fan of coconut, so i didn’t really like it. but the presentation was cute! next was a small cup of orange jelly with some raspberries (which you can’t see since they were at the bottom) topped off cream which filled 3/4 of the cup. so i just took the cream out and at the jelly haha. then there was the love letter cone and some type of jelly cake? and the last one was the jelly cakes you see in richmond. i think they’re a viet dessert. i ate the lychee haha

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